January 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Monster Hunter!

Ever since my friend introduced me to the PS2 version, I became a Monster Hunter evangelist and tried getting more and more people into the game. When Freedom came out, I was working at Shaba Games and each day gathered my friends around 5pm to quest. I helped train them and created laminated Combo Cards made from Combo Lists, Felyne Kitchen Recipies, and art from the original Japanese Monster Hunter game manual. I laminated them and gave these to each of my fellow hunters as a little cheat-sheet when learning the game.

I bought and played every version of Monster Hunter released in the US from PS2 to present. I have never pirated any import Monster Hunter games due to my loyalty to Capcom, and therefore I try to buy official copies from Japan when I can.

On September the 21st, 2006 I celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of the North American launch of Capcom's Monster Hunter for PS2.

For the 
occasion, I threw a Monster Hunter Anniversary Party for my fellow hunters! I actually  drew Poogie on a cake with icing, and prepared some snacks based on the game! Buffalo Butter was Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, Clam Chips & Fruity Jam were Doritos and Salsa, Meat Scraps was Beef Jerky, Meganuts (my nickname for Mega Nutrients) were caramelized nuts!

Then we went on a quick Kut-Ku hunt on Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP. Here are some pics from the party and of the snacks and cake!
Mmm, roooks tasty!!

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