March 6, 2011

Meet the Monsters #1 - Yakka

Monster: Yian Kut Ku
Name: Yakka (from YKK)
Role: Leader of M.H.H.

Bio: He is the only actual competent wyvern of MHH but ultimately, it is his loyalty to his pathetic and incompetent friends which keeps him down. He is critical of other members of MHH, often insulting them. While not always correct, the other members of MHH rarely question his judgment. Overbearing and impatient, he nevertheless puts up with the various idiosyncrasies of his gang. He has a weakness for a particular female hunter that shows up from time to time. He is secretly in love with her but will not admit it to the MHH crew and this leads to many problems which he invariably blames on others.

Meet the Monsters #2 - Hacha

Monster: Gypceros
Name: Hacha
Role: No. 1 Sidekick / Moron

Bio: Unlike most Gypceros, Hacha is not a coward but this is because he is totally stupid and doesn't know any better. Born with a complete lack of danger sense, he will pick fights with bigger monsters, expecting his gang to back him up. This gets him and the gang beat up quite often. Clumsy beyond belief, he is more likely to harm his fellow MHH members in a fight than do any real damage to the enemy. He is genuinely good with young monsters (due to the comparable intellect). Other than that, his only saving grace is his complete loyalty to his friends. He never tries to do harm, he just is a walking accident waiting to happen.

Meet the Monsters #3 - Bokki

Monster: Khezu
Name: Bokki
Role: MHH Lieutenant / Ladies Man

Bio: Bokki is a lover, not a fighter. It's true that while some female monsters can be swayed by his sweet talk, he is of absolutely no use in a fight. As he is blind and lacks any sort of combat ability, he is a major threat to everything and everyone around him. Yakka's current standing orders are to "Unless I say so...never, ever, never, EVER use your shock attacks...ever!" Bokki's only useful talent is the ability to recognize female pheromones from just about any female animal at great distances. However, if he uses it too much, he may become overcome with lust and uncontrollable until knocked out by a swift blow to his head.

Meet the Monsters #4 - Runtalos

Monster: Rathalos
Name: Ryu / "Runt-alos"
Role: MHH Junior Member / Whipping Boy

Bio: A junior member of MHH, Ryu is a runt among Rathalos'. Doted on by his mother (a powerful Rathian), she reluctantly allows Yakka and MHH to show him the other environments of the land because he is too reluctant to leave Forest & Hills. Yakka believes that Ryu will ultimately be his "ace in the hole" when Ryu grows up. An unrepentant, self-professed coward, Ryu is constantly losing his tail in fights. Ryu is called "Runt-alos" by the members of MHH, but never when his mother is present.

Meet the Monsters #5 - Apsy

Monster: Apceros
Name: Apsy
Role: MHH Junior Member

Bio: Of the few times Hacha has managed to capture his own prey (usually, he relies and Yakka to feed him), he usually lets them go out of pity. In once such incident he captures a young Apceros. Unable to bring himself to eat it, he leaves it to the others to eat. However, just as they are about to chow down, members from the rival gang of Velocipreys steal their meal. Ultimately, MHH manage to defeat the Velociprey and retrieve their still living meal. Hacha breaks down and begs Yakka to allow him to adopt the young Apceros who he refers to as Apsy. For some unknown reason (perhaps due to trauma), Apsy cannot speak.

Meet the Monsters #6 - Ko'u & Yo'u

Monster: Kelbi
Name: Ko'u & Yo'u (pronounced KOH-OO and YOH-OO)
Role: Oracles / Creepy Bastards

Kou and You are pretty clever as far as Kelbi go. In fact, they are smarter than average monsters and their ability for reasoning is even above the capacity of humans. This quirk has made them quite mad and they have decided that in order to ascend to an even higher state of consciousness, they must consume the flesh of humans. This makes Kou & You and the MHH natural allies. MHH protect Kou & You from the Velociprey gangs and they, in turn, give MHH leads on where to find humans to hunt as well as detailed plans and tactics as to how to take down humans. Their biggest pet peeve is being called "the twin kelbis". First, they are not twins. Second, "kelbi" is the plural form of "kelbi"...there is no "S" goddammit.

Meet the Monsters #7 - Red

Monster: Velocidrome
Name: Red
Role: Leader of V-Prey Gang / Yakka's Rival

Red leads a band of Velociprey, all of who look identical to each other. He tried to learn their names but gave up since they couldn't even learn their own names. He is Yakka's equal in intellect but whereas MHH members are rowdy, uncontrollable, and stupid, Red's gang is merely stupid. They follow their orders to the best of their ability and without question but often get in each other's way trying to impress Red. A powerful fighter, Red is nevertheless weaker than any wyvern but uses his speed and agility to great advantage. He is never alone and can summon hordes of his Velociprey followers at a moments notice. Red lives to thwart the plans of MHH and often hunts for Kou & You to "put an end to their meddling".

March 5, 2011

New Banner Coming Soon!

Hey Guys!

I've been working on a new banner and some avatars for the cast! Above is one I'll use for the signature on forums. I'll be updating with more art soon! ^__^ Thanks and enjoy!

UPDATE 1:11pm - I've updated the blog banner and added a little drawing of a Felyne mascot on the profile. :3

February 19, 2011

Stay Tuned!

Greetings Fellow Hunters and
Welcome to Monster Hunter Hunter!

Monster Hunter Hunter is a comic about Monster Hunter taken from the perspective of the game's true stars...the MONSTERS!

Art is by me and story is written by Joseph Wong and we are both avid Monster Hunter fans! We've worked together on previous projects such as the "Islands in the Sky" comic. Check back soon for the first comic... for now, here is a preview of a few of the cast!

January 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Monster Hunter!

Ever since my friend introduced me to the PS2 version, I became a Monster Hunter evangelist and tried getting more and more people into the game. When Freedom came out, I was working at Shaba Games and each day gathered my friends around 5pm to quest. I helped train them and created laminated Combo Cards made from Combo Lists, Felyne Kitchen Recipies, and art from the original Japanese Monster Hunter game manual. I laminated them and gave these to each of my fellow hunters as a little cheat-sheet when learning the game.

I bought and played every version of Monster Hunter released in the US from PS2 to present. I have never pirated any import Monster Hunter games due to my loyalty to Capcom, and therefore I try to buy official copies from Japan when I can.

On September the 21st, 2006 I celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of the North American launch of Capcom's Monster Hunter for PS2.

For the 
occasion, I threw a Monster Hunter Anniversary Party for my fellow hunters! I actually  drew Poogie on a cake with icing, and prepared some snacks based on the game! Buffalo Butter was Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, Clam Chips & Fruity Jam were Doritos and Salsa, Meat Scraps was Beef Jerky, Meganuts (my nickname for Mega Nutrients) were caramelized nuts!

Then we went on a quick Kut-Ku hunt on Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP. Here are some pics from the party and of the snacks and cake!
Mmm, roooks tasty!!