September 25, 2010

Namja Town!

One of my favorite moments in Japan, was when I went to Namja Town and they were featuring a whole Monster Hunter Airu Village theme! When you enter Namja Town, it's like a theme park inside the Sunshine City mall. There are rides and attractions for kids, a haunted house, and an awesome huge arcade (the Taiko Drum Master featured the Monster Hunter theme song, one of the many things you'll never find here in the US!! I love Japan!!)...

But most importantly, there are Japanese festival-style booths where you can find MONSTER HUNTER THEMED FOODS. I tried to eat all of them but I got so full after the 5th meal! When you order the food, they give you a sticker of the Monster Hunter item it represents.

I was soooo excited to be here, I was bouncing around, my heart was racing so hard and I was making tiny *squeeee* noises at every Monster Hunter thing I saw!

Khezu - Ice cream with wafers! This is one of my favorite wyverns in the original game! Ten points if you can guess why! I can't say why because it's NSFW! XD

Hermitaur Gyoza - Fried crab shell with pocky-like biscuits & potstickers smothered in seafood sauce.

Airu Village Hut - Cake filled with custard, topped with wafers, strawberries, cookies, and cream-cheese icing.

Tigrex Head - They made this on the spot! Cut and shaped frozen sherbet into a Tigrex head and painted it with strawberry, blueberry and lemon flavors. The eyes were made of chocolate pieces.

Well Done Steak - When I think about Monster Hunter, one of the most iconic things I think about is MEAT ON A BONE! This was actually two buffalo wing drumsticks wrapped with delicious BACON!

Poogie in a Blanket - Strawberry gelato with whipped cream, wafers and white chocolate inside a crepe!

This is a huge model of the Airu Village, completely made from sugar--perhaps marzipan or fondant? Look at the detail and the humor and love put into everything! What I would give to have this in my collection!

Airu Village mascot (nya!) in front of the area where people can sit at a table and play Monster Hunter or Poka Poka Airu Village!

Watermelon Poogie!! SO CUTE!! :3

OMG, I'm roasting a giant meat on a BBQ Spit. I even sang the song out loud! There's also a game in the "cafe" where you buy a ticket to roast a meat similar to this (it even plays the actual BBQ'ing song while you spin) and a marble drops out. You get Monster Hunter prizes according to the color of the marble!

There is also another game where you pay to buy a random prize ticket. Each ticket has a letter corresponding to one of these prizes below--but this pic just shows a small sampling of it!! I wanted that vinyl Tigrex soo badly!!

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