September 24, 2010

Tokyo Game Show 2010

The purpose of my quest to Japan was to attend Tokyo Game Show 2010 knowing they would debut the new Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and in hopes I would get my hands on it!

I woke up at 4am in the morning and got there at around 6:00am, and the line was already huge--it wrapped around the TGS building (which seemed the size of two airplane hangars side by side) three times. I waited 4 hours to get in and it was muggy and hot. Nearly everyone carried handkerchiefs and towels to wipe down sweat, and DS's/PSP's to occupy the time. I was delirious from thirst, excitement and lack of sleep all at once, it reminded me of the scene in Genshiken where Madarame and the gang were waiting in the endless line for Comiket!

Capcom MHP3 Booth! Sugoi ne!!

Tables where 4 players can gather and play a quest!

I bought practically everything MH in the TGS Capcom store--unfortunately, some stuff sold out before I could get in!
I found tons of awesome MH cosplayers...

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