March 6, 2011

Meet the Monsters #1 - Yakka

Monster: Yian Kut Ku
Name: Yakka (from YKK)
Role: Leader of M.H.H.

Bio: He is the only actual competent wyvern of MHH but ultimately, it is his loyalty to his pathetic and incompetent friends which keeps him down. He is critical of other members of MHH, often insulting them. While not always correct, the other members of MHH rarely question his judgment. Overbearing and impatient, he nevertheless puts up with the various idiosyncrasies of his gang. He has a weakness for a particular female hunter that shows up from time to time. He is secretly in love with her but will not admit it to the MHH crew and this leads to many problems which he invariably blames on others.


Soahc said...

these characters are brilliant =)

the fearsome yian kutku, I have to ask, is he an offline kutku or a kut ku +? >-<

Genevieve Tsai said...

Hahaha!! He is probably one of those n00b offline Kut-Ku's since he hangs around goofballs like Hacha and Bokki! XD I bet if he ran into his YKK+ brethren they'd beat him up!

Thank you so much for your post, I'm glad you like my characters!!


Anonymous said...

I love these characters just by the description, maybe because i am a hardcore fan of monster hunter haha.
I am so waiting to read this comic =)

Genevieve Tsai said...

Anonymous - Thank you so much! I hope you guys will enjoy it! ^__^

Anonymous said...

Hello! Your characters are looking awesome! I'm wondering if you have a rough estimate to when the comic will begin? I'm definitely interested in seeing how it goes. :)

All the best!

Adrian Chen said...

I Prefer This....
Monster Hunter Frontier F.2 >>>>