March 6, 2011

Meet the Monsters #6 - Ko'u & Yo'u

Monster: Kelbi
Name: Ko'u & Yo'u (pronounced KOH-OO and YOH-OO)
Role: Oracles / Creepy Bastards

Kou and You are pretty clever as far as Kelbi go. In fact, they are smarter than average monsters and their ability for reasoning is even above the capacity of humans. This quirk has made them quite mad and they have decided that in order to ascend to an even higher state of consciousness, they must consume the flesh of humans. This makes Kou & You and the MHH natural allies. MHH protect Kou & You from the Velociprey gangs and they, in turn, give MHH leads on where to find humans to hunt as well as detailed plans and tactics as to how to take down humans. Their biggest pet peeve is being called "the twin kelbis". First, they are not twins. Second, "kelbi" is the plural form of "kelbi"...there is no "S" goddammit.

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