March 6, 2011

Meet the Monsters #5 - Apsy

Monster: Apceros
Name: Apsy
Role: MHH Junior Member

Bio: Of the few times Hacha has managed to capture his own prey (usually, he relies and Yakka to feed him), he usually lets them go out of pity. In once such incident he captures a young Apceros. Unable to bring himself to eat it, he leaves it to the others to eat. However, just as they are about to chow down, members from the rival gang of Velocipreys steal their meal. Ultimately, MHH manage to defeat the Velociprey and retrieve their still living meal. Hacha breaks down and begs Yakka to allow him to adopt the young Apceros who he refers to as Apsy. For some unknown reason (perhaps due to trauma), Apsy cannot speak.

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