March 6, 2011

Meet the Monsters #4 - Runtalos

Monster: Rathalos
Name: Ryu / "Runt-alos"
Role: MHH Junior Member / Whipping Boy

Bio: A junior member of MHH, Ryu is a runt among Rathalos'. Doted on by his mother (a powerful Rathian), she reluctantly allows Yakka and MHH to show him the other environments of the land because he is too reluctant to leave Forest & Hills. Yakka believes that Ryu will ultimately be his "ace in the hole" when Ryu grows up. An unrepentant, self-professed coward, Ryu is constantly losing his tail in fights. Ryu is called "Runt-alos" by the members of MHH, but never when his mother is present.

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