March 6, 2011

Meet the Monsters #3 - Bokki

Monster: Khezu
Name: Bokki
Role: MHH Lieutenant / Ladies Man

Bio: Bokki is a lover, not a fighter. It's true that while some female monsters can be swayed by his sweet talk, he is of absolutely no use in a fight. As he is blind and lacks any sort of combat ability, he is a major threat to everything and everyone around him. Yakka's current standing orders are to "Unless I say so...never, ever, never, EVER use your shock attacks...ever!" Bokki's only useful talent is the ability to recognize female pheromones from just about any female animal at great distances. However, if he uses it too much, he may become overcome with lust and uncontrollable until knocked out by a swift blow to his head.

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Anonymous said...

Is this based off of a penis? ._.